RLF’s- natural disasters

If one looks at a map of global natural disasters, it is obvious, that the major part of floods, storms, earthquakes and similar events tend to occur more near equator. Increased interaction of RLF’s of the Sun and the Earth is to be blamed for this.  Main centers of natural disasters are located some 30 degrees from equator in both sides. Interestingly, similarly are situated places of occurrence of sunspots toward Sun’ s equator.

Not surprisingly, if You look to global map of magnetic anomalies, You see diffuse anomaly around equator (good magnetometer can be viewed as poor pranameter).  Similarly, we can look to high latitude “geomagnetic” disturbances in connection with “magnetic” anomaly here (Alldredge and Van Voorhis , 1962).

Several factors are possibly interlapping as causes for increased natural disasters: Milankovitch cycle, influx of energy from distant sources, Jupiter perigee, solar activity cycle.

More logical explanation of events possibly can be obtained, if accepting hydrogen- rich Earth interior model of russian geologist V.Larin (Syvorotkin, 2010).

A systematic view to problem can be seen in a book of Kondratjev et al (2006).

According to GeoChange journal, total losses from natural disaster where estimated as 63 billion USD in 2009, 222 billion USD in 2010 and will be more than 1000 billion in 2011. The number of deaths caused by natural disasters across the world in 2010 exceeded 325,000 people while in 2009 the death toll was about 15,000 people.

Earthquake and volcanic eruption trend in last 60 years, listed in GeoChange, partially seems to be caused by grand solar maximum.


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Kondratjev K. et al Natural disasters as interactive components of global-ecodynamics. Praxis Publishing UK, 2006.     Readable in Google books.

Syvorotkin, V.  Hydrogen degassing of the Earth: Natural disasters and the biosphere. In: Florinsky, I.V. (Ed.), Man and the Geosphere. Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2010. (Russian version is in internet).

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