Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

Although correlations of solar activity with different terrestrial matters like wars, revolutions, economic crisis have been known for a long time (Chizhevsky, 1924), this topic is still poorly explained.

Exact mechanism of (sometimes- inverse mode) influence of peaks of solar activity (and seasonal magnetic storms)  to human health is not clear.  Because PC typically are generating significantly more electromagnetic disturbances than magnetic stormsscientists talk about Schumann resonanses as psycho- and cardioactive  agent of magnetic stroms- but latter clearly are not able to make sharp physico-chemical changes in blood (Stoupel and Joshua, 1983)  or enhance oxidation rate of susceptible chemicals (Sokolovskii, 1982).

We can follow the adrenochrome hypothesis (Smythies, 2002) to explain connection between neural defects in newborn child and solar activity (Grigor’ev, 2008; cf.Allahverdiyev, Davis and Lowell, 2006).

As connection between of sunspots and autooxidation processes has been known for long (Sokolovskii, 1982) it is not for surprise, that after peaks of sunspots rate of skin cancer is increasing (Dimitrov et al, 2008 and literature cited).

 G.Piccardi (1962) had shown, that sunspots literally filled terrestrial water with “energy”, when he analyses properties of bismuth oxychloride colloids during solar cycle.

As we feel, scientists get very incomplete picture, when they analyze influences from space- due to the non-optimal apparatuses they use.  For example, the solar system is rapidly heating up, but space researchers cannot see the cause.

Khain and Khalilov (2007) had come to similar conclusions, using “long gravitation waves” concept and patented torsion balance technology.

Solar activity, volcanism and seismicity undoubtedly show  rhythmicity. Some researchers say, that these factors are nearly proportional to each other (Simpson, 1967, Gousheva et al, 2003), some- they are inverse (Zhang, 1998).  Khain and Khalilov (2008) finally found out, that increased solar activity coincide with increased seismicity and volcanism in the compression zones of Earth, and  decreased seismicity and volcanism in the tension zones of Earth.

Mizrahi (2010) paid attention to the position of single sunspot for earthquake prediction.

As strong interaction of the RLF’s  of the Jupiter and it’s small  moon  Io can be easily detectable on Earth, we can speculate, that impact of Saturn’s and Jupiter’s RLF’s with that of the Sun can indeed be one of the causes for solar activity cycles (cf.

Not surprisingly in this connection are data about slowing of speed of Sun’s self-rotation during Maunder’s minimum (little ice age (Vaquero et al, 2002) as well as correlation of Sun’s movement with solar activity (Jose, 1965).

Material for long-term seismicity, climate change and medicinal climatology forecasts can be obtained by analyzing solar and terrestrial RLF’s with appropriate device: pranameter.

We can speculate, that inverse influence of solar activity peaks to Earth’s matters probably arose from enhanced influence from Earth’s RLF in quiet Sun years (or interaction with galactic center?).

Celestial influences to seismic events can be better understood, if we use metalhydrogen model of Earth’s interior (

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Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

Solar activity effects on human health and geophysics

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