RLF Non-gravitational perturbations

Understanding of non-gravitational perturbations is crucial for exact estimating of orbits of asteroids, dangerous to Earth.

Literature gives us a number of attempts to estimate causes of non-gravitational perturbations (Farnocchia D. et al and literature cited in it). Typically scientists are discussing particle effects here without any real proof that particles can move celestial bodies. At the same time, non-gravitational perturbations of Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spaceships could not be explained that way.

We suggest, that non-gravitational perturbations arise in interaction of self rotating (turbular moving) liquid mass generated field with matter. Author’s observation about physico-chemical system (potassium alum/picolinic acid/water crystallisation) that gives different results at day and at night in a metal box (in March/April 2009) can only be explained as an action of physical factor, coming from the Sun and not able to get trough the Earth.

A formula for the mentioned force, which could be better deduced by analysis of mayor known non-graviatational perturbations, can be imagined like:

F = [RLF]*S*P

F- force

[RLF]- strenght of self rotating liquid mass generated field in place of interaction,

S- square of celestial body

P- permeability of RLF in celestial body, %

Permeability of RLF in matter should be deduced from known examples of non-gravitational perturbations (RLF permeability coefficient and thickness of first, second, third etc. layer of matter in celestial body).

Therefore, the fast rotating liquid Saturn,  Jupiter  or Neptune can change an orbit of asteroid in a non-gravitational mode, if latter passes within RLF stream.

RLF is also acting  as stabilising force of solar system (cf. Mathis 1).

Update 30.04.2012- astronomers had found, that Earth can repel slow-moving asteroide (Mathis 2)

References :

Farnocchia D. et al. Determination of asteroids non gravitational perturbations. EPSC Abstracts 6, EPSC-DPS2011-932, 2011.

Mathis M. 1. Another hole in celestial mechanics. In: greatest standing errors in physics and mathematics. Internet  (6 papers in total)

Mathis M. 2. New C-orbit Asteroids can only be explained by the Unified Field. Internet.

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