RLF- no Big Bang, no “gravitation waves”

We know, that different metals and materials interact variously with the magnetic field. It is logical to assume, that here can be metals (and materials), more susceptible to other hypothetical fields, than other metals (and materials).

Our preliminary experiments with site-, daytime- and seasonal specifity of potassium alum crystallization (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- Physical chemistry) as well as information from dowsers has let us to conclude, that aluminium can be susceptible to the  self-rotating liquid mass-generated field.

As the reflecting parts of radiotelescopes are made from aluminium, they possibly can detect RLF’s from fast self-rotating stars, Sun and Jupiter.  Not surprisingly, “gravitation wave detector” of Weber (1969) was massive aluminium construction. Not surprisingly also, that his results is hard to replicate. Retrospective analysis show, that in first part of year 1969 solar activity was high,  influence from Jupiter and maybe even Saturn to his device was possible.

This viewpoint allows us to question the Big Bang hypothesis (cf. Fred Hoyle (B2FH paper), Lerner,1992,  Kelly, 2005, Rivero, Mathis, Shu, Suede and Gmirkin, 2011, Tsagas, 2011) and that of “gravitation waves” (Theonion).

Interesting in connection to this  topic may be the discovery of unknown signals, connected with solar processes, using quartz gravimeters (Baurov and Kopajev).

References :

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‘Traditional scientists admit that they cannot explain how gravitation is supposed to work,’ Carson said. ‘What the gravity-agenda scientists need to realize is that gravity waves and gravitons are just secular words for God can do whatever He wants.’http://www.theonion.com

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