As a basic example to analyze here can be an observer near to Saturn or Jupiter.

Strenght of self-rotating liquid mass-generated field in observer’s point can be imagined as:

V*d*μ* ω (in square) * k2*K3*K4/ r in square


V- volume of celestial body,

d- density of celestial body,

μ– dynamic viscosity of liquid part of celestial body,

ω- angular velocity of self rotation of celestial body by equator,

k2 – coefficient, describing real movement of liquid during self rotation,

K3- coefficient, describing emanation of RLF from volume (including permeability),

K4- coefficient,describing the decrease in RLF within a distance, taking into account position of observer relative to  the equator of Saturn (Jupiter).

r-  the distance between the observer and the celestial body.

Describing of self rotating liquid mass generated field, which comes from Earth’s mantle or the Sun, seems to be more complicated and can be deduced after design of pranameter and measurements with it. Interesting data about solar flares, near which “solar magnetic field” can be thousands times stronger than average, can give us indirect information about emanation of RLF from matter. The same can be said about “magnetic stories” like this:

“Solar flares are caused by sudden changes of strong magnetic fields in the Sun’s corona. The changing magnetic field converts magnetic potential energy into kinetic energy by accelerating charged gases (plasmas) in the corona. The plasma is channeled by the magnetic field up and away from the Sun”. (Cf. http://www.1stardrive.com/solar/measure.htm).

 The interaction of two self-rotating liquid mass-generated fields, in our opinion, causes equinoctial phenomena in geophysics, planetary artifacts like the Great white spot (ring) of Saturn, and in larger perspective- Milankovitch cycles of glaciation. Phenomenon of interaction of two RLF’s should be known to investigators of “interplanetary magnetic field” (interaction of Jupiter and Io, for example). In 2011. years’ October Turkeys’ earthquake could have been triggered by interaction of RLF’s of the Sun, the Earth and the Jupiter as well as near Sun-Moon-Earth syzygy in perigee.

As self-rotating liquid mass-generated field is thought as not able to freely pass matter, by interaction of this field with celestial body a force emerges. This may be the real cause of non-gravitational perturbations (please see page RLF- Non-gravitational perturbations).

The pulsation of the “magnetic field” of Saturn and other planets near their equinoxes (Carbary et al 2010)  may show existence of inner planetary cores with lesser permeability for the RLF or can be caused by different amount of flow of RLF during rotation.

Radiations from the center from our galaxy may reflect processes in central black hole and not necessary be “gamma radiation” (cf. Zakharov et al, 2008).

References :

Carbary J. et al. Magnetospheric periodicities at Saturn equinox. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010.

Zakharov A. et al Y-radiation from the galactic center: dark matter annihilation or more conservative astrophysical models?  J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 133 012032, 2008.

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