Self-rotating liquid mass-generated field (RLF)

Possible evidence of physical field, which is emanated from rotating liquid bodies (turbulent moving liquids), comes from:

1. Milankovitch cycles of glaciation, which depend on the position of self-rotating axle of the Earth to that of the Sun (please see page RLF- Milankovitch cycles”).

2.Equinoctial phenomena (more frequent magnetic storms and earthquakes in months around equinox points etc. (please see page RLF- equinoctial phenomena).

3. Poorly explained phenomena on geological rift zones, earthquake preparation areas and holy places.

4. Measurements of “gravitation vawes”, “stellar magnetic field”, “interplanetary magnetic field”, “cosmic microwave background radiation” (cf. and Lerner, 1991)

5. Anomalies in magnetohydrodynamics (Montgomery and Bates, 1999)  as well as temporary quadrupole character of solar “magnetic field” (Mikhailutsa, 1995).

6. The complexity of the light/temperature independent biological clock, persistance of it near the Earth surface even in absence of external cues but disruption of it in cave living experiments (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- Biological clock).

7. Existance of one type of geopathic lines (“fire veins” (ley lines?), which, as first results had shown, can be detectable via physico-chemical and chemical methods (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- Ley lines, geopathic zones). These geopathic lines are thought to be the fine structure of Earth’s RLF.

RLF is thought as not able to freely pass matter. Patent applications on topics like “Neutralisation of geopathic zones” , “Removal of geopathic stress” ( “Earth radiation”) etc. (Scofield 2005) may contain hints for shielding of RLF.

For proposed math for RLF and their interference- please see page RLF- Math.

RLF is considered to be an analog of Prana in Indian Vastu Shastra doctrine and Sheng Chi in Chinese Feng Shui doctrine.

Our sensitivity to RLF is thought to be caused due to historical participation of RLF’s of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun in process of origin of life via changes of properties of chemical bonds (page MIF’s and RLF’s- Origin of life on Earth).

Interesting in connection to this  could be the new theories in geology about the nature of Earth’s core (Saxena et al, 2004). Geophysicists have information about turbulent motion of Earth’s fluid core (Smylie, 1988)

Relationship of RLF and torsion field- as far we know, torsion field researchers has been not experimenting with rotating liquids.

Oops! Not correct: Melnik I. Experimental investigations of the influence of a rotating liquid on the intensity of radioactive isotope emission.  Russian Physics Journal. 46, 1020- 1024, 2003. (Seems, that here Melnik detected the same effect as earlier did Shnoll et al (1998). In Shnoll’s case rotating liquid obviously was the Sun.

Here are also information on internet about secret German device “Glocke” during World War II. Physicists sometimes think about curvature of space- we ask them to demonstrate this.

Speaking in a different language, something similar to RLF hypothesis was noticed by Russian physicists (

1. A wholly new type of interaction exists between processes of any nature which deal with changes in entropy.

2. This interaction performs transfer of energy and movement moment quantity, but not impulse.

3. The energy of this interaction is directly bounded with the creation of entropy and is inversely proportional to square of distance.

4.The interaction is shielded by matter, but shielding properties of matter does not conform with those for electromagnetic field (not connected with  electric conductivity and magnetic permeability) .

5. Interaction can go with a positive, zero or symmetric negative time lag. 

As self rotating (turbular moving) liquid mass generated field obviosly interacts with parts of detectors of field meters and other devices, it has been sporadic detected:

A. in holy places (,

B. within geopathic zones (Hansen, 1982),

C. in space measurements (De Maeyer and Breyer, 2011),

D. as artifacts, obtained by investigators of action of week magnetic and electromagnetic fields to living organisms and cells (Jelinek et al,  Schenk, 2000).

E. as part of magnetic anomalies,

F. as interplanetary magnetic field,

G. as earthquake lights (St.Laurent, 2000)  etc.

Without pranameter measurements these mysteries will persist.

Some scientists think in this connection about hidden meaning of  “cosmic microwave background radiation”, “dark energy” etc.

Hidden factors of solar fertility manifestate in latest years in Arctic: June 8, 2012 ” Experts were shocked to find a thick, 60 mile long ” phytoplancton mega-bloom” under Arctic sea ice” .

P.S. Seems, that I must mention also Viktor Schraubinger and Wilhelm Reich in this connection.

References :

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