MIF’s and RLF’s-Origin of life on Earth

In our opinion, the conception of “matter-irradiated” fields can significantly fill the gaps of existing origin of life theories.

Creationists have asked a lot of hard questions about this topic (see for example ChristianAnswers.net) with no immediate answers from evolutionists.

An virtually unbeatable argument of creationists may sound like: “Science had revealed the complexity of nature. It is not possible, that such complexity arose naturally, without Intelligent Creation”.

If we think, that space influences us only via particles, gravity, electromagnetic fields and waves, creationists may be right. Rethinking the temperature/light independent biological clock (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- biological clock) as well as the effects of chronophysical chemistry (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s-Physical chemistry), however, can ruin their objections point by point.

1. What are differences between positions and influences from celestial bodies to Earth as well as geophysical factors four billion years ago and now?

Instead of discussing questions like high pressures and temperatures, increased ionising radiation, stronger radiations of all sort from the Sun four billion years ago, we must put our attention to other facts:

1.1. The liquid part of the Earth is thought to have been considerably larger (Sankaran, 2006) (and lithosphere- thinner) than today.

1.2. The Moon was closer up to some 40%. Due to decreased distance, four billion years ago the Moon’s matter irradiated field acted ca. 4.6 times stronger than today.

1.3. The Moon is thought to be mostly liquid then. Thus Moon acts twofold in the past to Earth- via matter irradiated field and via self-rotating liquid mass-generated field.  Strenght of latter interaction can be visible in Jupiter-Io case (taking in account, that Io is considerably smaller, than the Moon).

1.4. The Earth was rotating faster (can be some 4 times four billion year ago). This gives additional strenght to Earth’s self-rotating liquid mass-generated field.

1.5. The Moon probably self-rotated faster. (Stronger RLF)

1.6. The Sun probably self-rotated faster. (Stronger RLF)

2. What energy was available for synthesis of biomolecules?

2.1. Energy from matter irradiated fields (changes in structure of water and probably- chemical bonds).

2.2. Energy from hydrolysis of polyphosphates.

3. What is nature of organising synthetic power? How can we explain chirality or biomolecules?

Due to action of strong matter irradiated fields specific water clusters appear, which facilitate reaction steroselectivity (selective solubility of raw materials). Such clusters appear and vanish, depending of position of the Sun, the Moon and other planets. The orbit of Venus as well as the position of rotational axles/self rotation speed of Jupiter and Saturn may add additional harmonics to process. Water clusters can solve and precipitate lipophylic substances, depending on celestial cycles.  Self-organisation of molecules, containing  lipophilic and hydrophilic fragments (Oparin, 2003) adds additional dimension of process.

Important factor here can be changes in properties of metal ions depending of position of celestial bodies (repeatedly discovered by antrophosophic school- (Heaf)

Thus, synthesis of biomolecules can be thermodynamically favourable.

We can try to get more exact form of Drake equation (estimation of the number of planets with intelligent extraterrestrial life):

N = R* fd*fs*frot*fsat*ftp*fts*fi*fc*L


N = The number of communicative civilizations within given number of stars,

R = The rate of formation of suitable stars (After discovery of the temperature/light independent biological rhythms more interdisciplinary thinking will be necessary to define, what is “suitable” here),

fd= probability of optimal density parameters of stellar nebula,

fs- probability of optimal spatial parameters of stellar nebula,

frot= probability, that planet is self-rotating within reasonable interval,

fsat= probability, that planet in question obtains a large satellite (ca.5-10% from mass of planet) due to an impact with other planet,

ftp=probability, that thickness of solid crust of planet does not reach certain grade in some 500 million years (depends on the properties of stellar nebula in the moment of the birth of a star),

fts = probability, that thickness of crust of large satellite of planet does not reach some 10 meters in some 1 billion years (depends on the properties of stellar nebula in the moment of the birth of a star),

fi = The fraction of life sites where intelligence develops,

fc = The fraction of communicative planets (those on which electromagnetic communications technology develops),

L = The “lifetime” of communicating civilizations.

Probability with which microorganisms can be “exported” to other stellar systems should also be considered.

Knowing density and spatial parameters of stellar nebula, it should be possible to foresee , what planets with what chemical composition may arose (an old theory of the Russian geologist Vladimir Larin). The existence of a large natural satellite like the Moon may be crucial for origin of life.

Variations of the Oparin/Miller experiment* (Oparin, 2003, Miller 1953), easy formation of nucleic acid components from hydrogen cyanide (Oro, 1961) as well as the fact, that building blocks of life are formed even in our days in volcanic eruptions in large quantities (Markhinin and Podkletnov, 1977) shows, that within certain interval of physico-chemical parameters and enough time, origin of life is, speaking words of Daniil Granin, inevitable.

Regarding related Fermi paradox- there is a lot of cues about possible visits of ET’s in old texts (including Bible).

References :

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*- “And the student hates to believe that Miller-Urey did not read Oparin’s Chapter V: “Origin of Organic Substances Primary Proteins.” In this chapter Oparin details experiments which dated from 1904 similar to the 1953 Miller-Urey experiment”.

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Sankaran A. Material transfer across earth’s core/mantle boundary: recent perceptions. Curr.Sci. 90, 284-285, 2006.

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    Please see updated version in General Science Journal “New physics and the revision of historical science”.

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