MIF’s and RLF’s- medicine

We suggest, that a direct influence of matter irradiated fields and self-rotating liquid mass-generated fields to humans, starting from the point of conception, can facilitate development of  illnesses:

Bipolar disorder (lunar influence).

Seasonal affective disorder (solar influence).

And others, which typically worsen in summer and in spring. During last 50 years was an increased level of cosmic influence to Earth, which destroy possibilities of western pharmacology to control situation.

Despite active propaganda of skeptics, lunar influence to neural disorders can be considered as proved (Vul’, 1976; Barr, 2000, Benbadis et al, 2004, Terra-Bustamante et al, 2009, Calver et al,  2009 etc.). Moreover, for part of people with seasonal affective disorder a bipolar disorder develops.

Causes for negative correlations for lunar effect, which are widely used by “skeptics” (please see page “Lunar effect” in Wikipedia) can be mentioned- 1)ignoring of influence from Metonic cycle, 2)ignoring  influence from solar annual cycle, 3)ignoring  influence from solar activity (cf. Grigor’ev, 2008, Grigoryev et al, 2009, Davis and Lowell, 2006, Grigor’ev, 2006).

A possible mechanism for mentioned lunar and solar influence to human brain in fact was discovered more than 50 years ago, when Abram Hoffer and his coworkers made a biochemical hypothesis of origin of schizophrenia (auto-oxidation of brain epinephrine with body oxygen) (Hoffer and Osmond, 1999).  It is clear, that body water structure changes due to changes of position of the Moon and the Sun can provoke cyclic biochemical disorders (via loosening of protein chelating of potentially dangerous metal ions, for example).

Similarly, formation of hydrogen peroxide in water by action of magnetic field has been recently discovered (Lai and Singh, 2004).

Not surprisingly, there is a connection between the season of birth and increased possibility of development of bipolar disorder (December, January) and seasonal affective disorder (March, April). (Foster and Roenneberg, 2008). These month’s are considered to be with most active influences of MIF’s and RLF’s respectively.

Targeted investigations of hidden solar and lunar influences to degradation rate of some organic compounds will finally resolve this dispute- for those, who want to find the truth.

Sleeping on “power lines” of mentioned hypothetical fields (geopathic zones) can cause a well-known list of diseases (listed below).

“Some manifestations of the first stage of Geopathic Stress may include: feeling uncomfortable in your bed, favorite chair, or workplace without any particular reason; unpleasant sensations;mood disorder; apathy; flabbiness; worry; unreasonable sadness.

Stage 2 Symptoms May Include: Sleep disorder, Difficulty falling asleep, Difficult staying asleep, Waking too early, Restless sleep, Waking frequently, Nightmares, Night sweats, Feeling cold or shivering in bed, Impending doom, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Weakness, Headaches, Irritability, Fatigue, Feeling depressed, Anxiety, Lack of appetite in the morning.

Symptoms of the third stage of Geopathic Stress May Include: Accelerated human heartbeat, Increased breathing rate, Increased blood sugar, Hypertension, Depression,
Muscle cramps tension, pain, Numbness in arms/legs, Tingling in arms/legs, Neck pain,
Anxiety, Loss of sex drive, Lack of interest in sex, Helplessness,Temporary impotence, Migraine headaches.

Symptoms of the fourth stage of Geopathic Stress May Appear as: Poor digestion, Diarrhea,
Constipation , Colon Irritation , Ulcer , Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Obesity.

Symptoms of the fifth stage of Geopathic Stress may include:Diabetes, Inability to heal, Panic Attacks, Difficulty concentrating, Learning problems, Behavior problems, Aggression, Memory problems, Lack of interest in doing something, Decision-making problems, Inadequate responses to major changes in life situations, ADD and Chronic Fatigue.

Symptoms of the Sixth stage of Geopathic Stress may include: Cardiovascular diseases, Heart attack, Arthritis , Kidney disorders, Allergies, Skin diseases, Bronchial asthma, Stroke, and Infertility and miscarriages.

Thereby all those diseases are connected to the immune suppression process, which very often can lead people to die from such diseases as cancer, pneumonia, coronary disease, or infection. The death does not come from Geopathic Stress itself. The human organism loses all its resistance in its effort to ward off the prolonged Geopathic Stress” (Geopathic stress. Susan&Scott Anderson. Internet).

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