MIF’s and RLF’s- Influence to an unborn child

The concept of influence of extraterrestrial factors to people, which science had abandoned in 18th century, has been slowly and painfully reintroduced during 20th century.

As first on this road we can mention the discovery of Bartels, which shows influence of solar rotation to geomagnetic disturbances (Bartels, 1934).  After World War II, medicinal climatology achieved a new level. In a way of demonstration of extraterrestrial influences and climatic factors to human health, important data came from physical chemistry (Piccardi, 1962).

Experiments of prof. Piccardi with extraterrestrial influences of polymerization of acrylonitrile in fact shows, that mentioned influences work different than simple cosmic rays, as mechanism for extraterrestrial influences to nature changes in structure of water has been postulated.

Several studies confirmed the influence of solar activity to structure of water (Piccardi, 1962; Barber, 1962, Ageev and Shishkin, 2001). Not surprising, therefore, was the discovery of heliogeophysical imprinting concept in year 1985 (Trofimov, 2001, cf. Stoupel, 2005 ; Davis and Lowell, 2006) – the influence of physical factors to fetus results in different sensitivity to  physical factors in later life.

Medicinal statistics show correlations for season of birth and some diseases (Foster and Roenneberg, 2008, Grigor’ev, 2008) . Following a pioneering work of French statistician Gauquelin et al (1979, Kollerstrom, 2005), influence of season of birth to personality has been discovered for general population (Chotai et al, 2001).

Is it not easy  to see the action of matter irradiated fields and self rotating liquid mass generated fields of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon behind  solar rays, particle streams and magnetic storms. However, there are extraterrestrial influences with strong annual cycle- like obvious annual changes in structure of water in crystal growing experiments of Kolisko couple (Kolisko and Kolisko, 1978), correlation between day of birth and probability of childhood cancer (Efird and Nielsen, 2008) and observation of stormglass behavior in connection with solar activity (Baranovsky et al 2010).

The mentioned cycles hardly can be explained by changes in magnetic/electric field.  Moreover, the author got comparable results (with Kolisko’s) of crystallisation of potassium alum/picolinic acid system in different seasons in iron box.  So,  interpreting of data from Kolisko’s, Sun acts most strongly to water structure in the beginning of August, and up to ca. ten times weaker- in the beginning of February.  This seems to be main background of zodiac system- changing influences of light, Moon’s MIF, Sun’s MIF, Sun’s RLF (with interaction of Earth’s MIF and RLF) to fetus during pregnancy, which determinates the reaction of neural system to celestial cycles in further life.

In  connection to this we can mention  a  smart experiment by Dr. Levine and his coworkers (in 1992), which shows hidden solar influence to male fertility in summer.

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  1. #1 by andrea di chiara on February 8, 2013 - 08:30

    hello. may I know more about Trofimov A. New horizons of geocosmic medicine. Phenomenon of heliogeophysical imprinting. Novosibirsk, Lada, 2001 ? do you have a copy of the book ? where can I find it’ is it written in english ? if not, is there an abstract or a translation ? regards
    andrea di chiara

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