MIF’s and RLF’s- common influences

During celestial cycles interactions of matter irradiated fields of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon as well as these of self-rotating liquid mass-generated fields of the Earth and the Sun produce various effects,which are currently not sufficiently explained with action of waves, magnetic fields and particles.

Most of  the “anomalous” effects are described in chronobiology, seismology, medicinal climatology and physical chemistry.

In chronobiology we see hidden actions of the Sun and the Moon (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- biological clock).

Seismologists have  known for a long time (Davison, 1893), that some positions of the Sun and the Moon may help trigger earthquakes (earthquakes have diurnal, synodic monthly and annual cycles).

Medicinal climatology has produced thousands of papers regarding the distribution of different diseases or health parameters within synodic monthly, annual and higher cycles.  Interdependence of mentioned cycles needs to be studied more carefully (cf. Halberg,2001).

Influence of the annual cycle to crystal growth from solution has been detected several times (Kolisko and Kolisko, 1939; Baranovsky et al, 2010; Alksnis, 2011). Piccardi (1962) mentioned some problems to production,which arise from celestial  influences.

References :

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