MIF’s- Math

Current approximated math, describing “tidal” interaction of the Earth with a satellite is as follows (Freedman, 2002):

F= 2GMmr/R in cube

where M and m are masses of the Earth and the satellite, G – gravitation constant, R= center-center distance and r is the radius of the satellite.

Our comments:

1. As the tides are not caused by gravity, the usage of gravitation constant is not necessary here.

2. As matter irradiated field is thought to be emanated from volume, not from point, math probably cannot ignore this fact. Thus the usage of volumes and densities instead of masses as well as spatial coefficients should be considered.

3. “Tidal” interaction of the Earth and the satellite is not attraction, but repulsion- we cannot see effect of this repulsion everyday, because MIF’s permeability in matter is considered high.

A strength of matter irradiated field in point can be imagined as (cf. Mathis):

(M) =d*V*(permeability of MIF)*k / (r in cube)


M- strenght of matter irradiated field in point,

d- density of celestial body,

V- volume of celestial body,

k- coefficient, which describes, that field is irradiated from volume, not from point,

r- distance to celestial body from point.

Knowledge about interaction of two matter irradiated fields comes from:

1. Circadian rhythms (in fact, circadian 24,8h rhythm is set by the position of the Moon)

2. Lunar and solar tides. Synodic cycle.

It has been discovered that the best times for fishing are those, when the Moon is maximally overhead or underfoot to fisherman, and a little bit less good times- when the Moon is rising or setting (Knight 1972). Different medical and physico-chemical data of investigators of influence of lunar phases (Endres and Schad, 2002, Theraux, Brown and Chow, 1973) show, that full Moon, full and new Moon, full, new and quarter Moon positions can be “special” comparing with positions of the Moon in ca. 30-60 angle to the Earth- Sun axle.

Dowsers can feel „water veins”- the proposed fine structure of Earth’s matter irradiated field – significantly broader in full Moon than in new Moon (experiments of J.Keen). Dowser’s reaction show diurnal variation (Apostol and Dumitrescu, 1975).

3. Influence of annual cycle to nature and some physico-chemical systems.

In experiments of growing wheat below the Earth’s surface the Kolisko couple found out, that the most uniform influence of hidden factors of fertility to plants in depth’s from 1 to 16 meters was in June (when Sun reaches maximum height over equator (in northern hemisphere).

A set of different celestial influences to Earth’s crust recently were found out  by Biagi et al (2004) while investigating emanations of argon in groundwater as a possible earthquake precursor.

I believe, that tidal and space  professionals can develop math for describing interaction of two MIF’s.


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