Matter irradiated field (MIF)

Evidence of a matter irradiated field (MIF) comes from:

1. Tidal movement  in oceans and solid Earth, which is caused by the Moon and the Sun and cannot be explained by gravity (cf. Mathis).

2. Influence of lunar position to nature (Knight, 1972, Farbridge and Leatherland, 1987, 1987a, Endres and Schad, 2002) . The fact, that celestial cycles can affect objects in water or influence crystal growth behind a water jacket (Raghavan et al, 2001), may question the proposed electromagnetic nature of the matter irradiated field (“charge field” of M.Mathis).

3. One type of hidden influence from solar position to Earth during annual cycle (maximum at summer solstice) (Kolisko and Kolisko, 1939; Mizrahi, 2010, Sidorin, 2010).

4. One type of geopathic lines (water veins), which can be  viewed as the fine structure of MIF, and their changes, which are corresponding to movement of celestial bodies (please see page MIF’s and RLF’s- Geopathic zones).

A strength of matter irradiated field (MIF) in a point can be imagined as proportional to density and volume of body and inverse proportional to cube of distance to them.

The inverse cube law of distance has been in fact empirically found out for lunar and solar influence on ocean tides previously (cf. Mathis) and can explain how the Moon can affect the Earth more strongly than the Sun does (Shimshoni, 1971, Duma and Ruzhin, 2003, Sidorin, 2010).

Like a magnetic field matter irradiated field has a fine structure, the higher elements of which are supposed to cause geological lineaments (please see page MIF and RLF’s- Lineaments) .

After considering the data from dowsers, permeability of MIF in matter seems to be good. However, MIF’s are thought to change level of water clustering. (Please see page MIF’s- Physical chemistry). Probably we can get some insight in level of permeability of MIF in matter, if we analyze the cave experiments- how big depths and which rock materials above women s’ living place can stop the menstrual cycle. By such analysis seasonal differences  must be observed.

Via changes of body water clustering MIF’s are thought to drive one of the arrows of the temperature and light independent biological clock (cf. Nakajima et al, 2005, Alksnis, 2011, O’Neil and Reddy, 2011).

Interestingly is to compare thoughts of a geophysicists  (Khain and Khalilov, 2008) and physicist (Mathis) about constant G.

Possibly radioastronomers know matter irradiated field as “thermal radiation” of celestial bodies.

As it seems logical, that laws of nature generally are the same in visible world and in micro world (as in macro- and microcosm tradition), particles should permanently emit matter irradiated field (Similarly to emanation of magnetic field from permanent magnet).

This can help to better understand the particle-wave duality of light (cf. Mathis). The same pertains to experiments with other particles.

Two or more MIF’s can interact with each other (please see page MIF- Math).

Influence of MIF’s to geophysics (please see page MIF’s- Geophysics).

Influence of MIF’s to human and animal health (please see page MIF’s, RLF’s-   Medicine).

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