Dear readers!

After experiments with detection of geopathic zones  as well as physico-chemical processes, which happen differently depending on the position of the Sun and the Moon and rethinking of the biological clock phenomenon,  I was pressed to look at the theory of physics.

I feel, that here are visible similarities between known “matter irradiated” fields – gravitation field (manifestation of which is force of gravity) and magnetic field (from permanent magnet) and two proposed hypothetical fields,which are discussed below.

It seems for me, that torsion fields are different from our hypothesis. Very probably, a physical field exists, which is emanated from self rotating solid bodies. If so, here can be no relation with “torsion”.

The interactions’  description  of two self-rotating and rotating bodies can be a new challenge for mathematics. Furthermore, an analysis of the influence of these hypothetical new fields may reveal the classical field theory’s need of improvement.

Your critical comments are wellcomed.  But- as I hear, posting a comment generated unnecessary e-mails.

So- please, do not post comments in blog.  You can write me on  edgars.alksnis##tvnet.lv

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Edgars Alksnis

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